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Something for every body - therapeutic massage. This is perfect for those who are new to massage, or who want to simply relax. We use medium pressure with long flowing strokes. A true overall body experience.

30mins/$70 US ~ 45mins/$90 US ~ 60mins/$110 US ~ 75mins/$120 US ~ 90mins/$140 US

I've fallen and I can't get up- sports/injury massage. We realize there are days that we workout too hard, take an extra long run, fall on our you-know-whats and hurt ourselves or simply need a little extra work on a particular muscle group... if any of these things ring a bell, this is the massage for you. We use a mixture of long flowing strokes while incorporating more detailed, deeper work, for the areas in need.

30mins/$75 US ~ 45mins/$95 US ~ 60mins/$115 US~ 75mins/$135 US~ 90mins/$150 US

Not for the faint of heart- deep tissue massage. Peeling away each layer to reveal the most tense areas in your body. Your therapist will slowly and methodically massage away any impurities held deep within your muscles and fascia. Recommended for those who have a history of receiving bodywork, regularly.

30mins/$75 US ~ 45mins/$105 US ~ 60mins/$120 US ~ 75mins/$140 US ~ 90mins/$160 US

Happy Mama- pregnancy massage. Expecting mothers know more than anyone how important it is to nurture. While your babe continues to grow and develop inside your belly, make sure you take the time to take care of YOUR body. Your baby will feel the benefits and thank you later. Each therapist knows the areas that need more attention and also what areas to avoid during this precious time.

30mins/$75 US ~ 45mins/$105 US ~ 60mins/$115 US ~ 75mins/$135 US ~ 90mins/$155 US

Energy work/Massage Combo-Though energy work is not exclusive to Reiki, it may be used by your therapist, along with several other modalities depending upon your needs. This, along with massage in areas that may need some physical manipulation and relaxation, will help you feel more calm and put you in touch with your body and mind in a new way. 
"the energy of the mind is the essence of life." Aristotle

*prices are dependent on pressure of massage that is requested.

Reflexology - The belief in reflexology is that the entire body is mapped out on the bottom of the foot. This means that reflexology is a way to receive a full body massage through your soles. Regardless of your belief, a deep foot massage is the perfect cure for any ailments you may be having at the present moment. A warm, damp towel around each foot, completes this treatment.

30mins/$75 US ~ 45mins/$110 US



Sol Changing Experience-

We have all the secret remedies to allow a bad day to turn into a fabulous one. Although the real secret is allowing us to take care of you for a little while, letting you leave your worries at the door. Our organic, active ingredients will be methodically applied to your delicate face and neck. You'll feel more balanced from the inside out. 

The following options are available to fulfill your every need. 

45mins/$95 US ~ 60mins/$115 US ~ 75mins/$135 US

Lifting & Enzymatic (anti-aging)- We like to assist with gracefully aging skin. This facial, does just that. We use the perfect balance of activity and moisture to allow your skin to look its youngest.

Ultimate Hydration- The best part about Belize, is being in the sun. The only negative is the toll it can take on our skin, especially the face and chest. This facial focuses on gentle exfoliation, and complete and ultimate hydration. It'll feel like your skin has just consumed a gigantic glass of ice cold water.

Blemish be Gone- There are times when our skin acts up; from stress, environment or hormones. Let us formulate the perfect combination of blemish zapping products and calming serums to help remedy anything that ails you. We'll also be happy to suggest ways to help alleviate blemishes in the future.

Brighten Up- This facial is perfect for those who want to glow in a brand new way. A brightening and calming treatment that leaves your face as bright as the sun. We can step it up a notch as well, if you have hyperpigmentation and/or discolored skin.

Sensitive Skin- This is a perfect facial for those who have allergies or sensitivities to particular ingredients or products. We'll listen to the needs of your skin and make sure you come out feeling taken care of and brand new.

Teen- This is a precious time in life (just ask a teenager). Many different events are taking place, including hormonal changes. Besides learning more about your skin and what you can do to keep it healthy, your esthetician will whip that youthful skin into shape... making sure it has a new glow by the end of your treatment. 

Gents'- No man is really a man, until he's had a facial. We have only the most masculine of products to keep your strapping skin looking well, strapping. It's best to be fairly shaven, (although if you have a beard or a moustache we can work around that area), when coming in for a facial.

Massage Salts


Glos- Are exfoliators for the entire body. Glos have many benefits including detoxification, removal of dead skin cells (who needs those anyway?) and an overall sense of renewal. Each one is prepared especially for you, ensuring freshness and potency of the products. With any glo, please specify if you would like salt or sugar as your granule. Salt is more detoxifying while sugar gently exfoliates the most sensitive skin.

35mins/$85 US ~ 65mins/$120 US (includes 30 minutes of massage)


-Lime Margarita

-Organic & Local Kakaw Cocoa & Gallon Jug Coffee

-Coconut Milk

-Rosemary & Lavender

-Brown Sugar & Belizean Spice

After Sun Treatment- Aloe & Cucumber with Lavender & Chamomile- (perfect for sun burnt skin) One of the many qualities of lavender is its ability to help reduce scarring and rebuild skin cells. Aloe is great for reducing inflammation after a burn but also helps circulate new blood to help the skin heal itself. It also may help stimulate collagen and elastin which took a beating in your last stint in the sun. Chamomile is great for itching and helps reduce swelling while replenishing and enriching skin. Cucumber tops off this concoction to cool even the hottest sunburn. You will feel better in no time. You will also think twice the next time you are in the sun...
60mins/$115 US

Hair Treatments -

These treatments will help you feel like the stress and tension have been lifted from your head and shoulders. They all include a scalp, neck and shoulder massage and a head wrap with your hair being wrapped in a warm damp cloth to take the nutrients further into the hair shaft. The oil masks can be left on the hair for hours, but you have the choice to wash at the end of the treatment. You will need to be peeled off of the table because of the pure relaxation caused.


-EVOO w/ rosemary and lavender

-Cold Pressed Coconut Oil w/ lime essential oil

30mins/$55 US

Pink Nail Polish


Foot and Nail Grooming- (pedicure). This treatment consists of a full nail cleaning, shaping and cut, a delightful foot and lower leg scrub and wonderful massage, finished off with a Vinylux polish of your choice.

45mins/$60 US

Hand and Nail Grooming-  (manicure). Nails cleaned, buffed and shaped. Hands massaged.  Pick a lovely color of Vinylux polish for the win.

30mins/$35 US


We here at Sol Spa use the best waxing products known to woman (and man) or at least to all us waxing experts. 
We use high quality wax products, insuring your skin receives the smoothest effects and the least amount of reddening. Be sure to allow your hair growth to be at a sufficient length (about ¼ of an inch) so you receive the best results possible. If it's your first time waxing, feel free to ask as many questions you need in order for your experience to fulfill all your expectations. Prices are listed in US dollars.

Half Leg $60

Full Leg $110

Under Arms $20

Eyebrows (shaping included) $25

Upper Lip $20

Bikini starts @ $40

Full & Partial Brazilian starts @ $70

Back starts @ $55

Full Face $60

Chin $25

Chest starts @ $35

Arms $30

Wedding Dance


  Blushing Bride
60min therapeutic massage, Brighten-up Facial, Sugar & Spice Pedicure, Manicure & You are my  Sunshine Sol Soak.

200 mins ~ $285 US + tax

 Solar Therapy
60min therapeutic massage, Choice of "buff" Glo, Brighten-Up Facial, Choice of Hair Treatment

170 mins ~ $300 US + tax

 Honeymoon Bliss (per couple)
2 60min therapeutic massages, 2 "buff" Glos (of your choice), 2 Immersions (of your choice)

160 mins each ~ $595 US total + tax

 Maya Experience
Maya Abdominal Massage, Cocoa Masa Glo, Ix Chel Cleanse Sol Soak

150 mins ~ $255 US + tax

 Little Person
Mini Massage, Mini facial, Mini pedicure & manicure

120 mins ~ $200 US + tax

 Build Your Own 
Each individual chooses 3 or more treatments and receives a Sol Spa discount

*Packages must be used by one person, on the same day.

Bath Salts and Soap


30 mins ~ $25 US

Enjoy a relaxing soak in our Air Massage Bathtub. We combine pure essential oils, tea, dried flowers, baking soda and epsom salts to soothe your tired limbs and sol. 
Add to any treatment. 

Take a chill pill- calming; lavender essential oil & chamomile tea

Wake me up before you go go- invigorating; rosemary and peppermint essential oils and spearmint tea in an epsom salt base

You are my sunshine- brightening; lemongrass and orange essential oils in epsom salt base

What would buddha do? ohmmmmm.....balancing; ylang ylang, geranium and clary sage essential oils in an epsom salt base

Oh, my aching back- tired muscles; eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils and peppermint tea in an epsom salt base. Perfect to do following a sports massage.

Mayan Goddess Ix Chel cleanse: toning; hibiscus flowers, fresh ginger, and basil essential oil in an epsom salt base

Grandma Sylvia's recipe for happy skin; oatmeal and coconut milk with cinnamon in an epsom salt and baking soda base. 

Treatments: Treatments
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